Rules of the game

2 Halves | 4 Game rounds | 6 Game rounds

Football Roulette makes every match even more exciting!

To play Football Roulette you only need a Football Roulette board plus a non permanent (erasable) marker / fineliner.

You play Football Roulette with 2 to a maximum of 8 people during a 'live' football match on TV. Before and during the match, each player makes 16 predictions divided over two halves or six 15-minute rounds of play, with which you can win points (from 4 to 30 points).

The winner is the one with the most points! Tip : it's Football Roulette, you don't have to predict consistently. Did you previously indicate that the home team will win? Later in the game you can fill in something else to spread your chances.

The game
If you play two rounds, each player makes 16 predictions divided over the 1st and 2nd half before and during the match, with which you can win points. The winner is the one with the most points!
Appoint one of the players as referee. He writes, keeps score and decides in case of disagreement.
Write down the home and away teams.
Enter the initials of the participants under their chosen shirt number. The predictions are noted by writing down the shirt numbers in the prediction boxes.

The predictions and the points you win with a correct prediction
Final Score Bonus: predict the final result (25 pts) and the winner of the match, Home, Away, or Draw (H / A / D), (10 pts).
Write this down in the 'Final Score Bonus' box, for each player one area (Example: Player 1 predicts 3-1 and Away wins, 1: 3-1 and a cross at 'A').

The 1st half, to be noted in the left bar '1st half'

Predict whether there will be 0 goals (4 pts), 1 goal (4 pts) or 2+ goals (10 pts) in the 1st half.
Predict if the home or away team will win the 1st half or if it will be a draw (5 pts).
Predict the correct score after the 1st half, is your score not listed? Then the referee can add it.
Predict whether there will be a yellow card (5 pt per card) or a red card (25 pt per card) or a penalty (25 pt per penalty) or none of these (10 pt) in the 1st half.
Finally, you choose a minute per 15 minutes that you think a valid goal will be scored in the 1st half (30 pt or 20 pt if you choose 'extra time'). Record these predictions in the upper half of the chosen minute box.

Half time
In half time the points are counted and written on the scoreboard. After this, predictions 9 to 13 are made again, but for the 2nd half. First the leader predicts, then number 2 etc. Note these predictions in the right bar '2nd half'.

End of match
After the game, the points for the 2nd half are counted and written down. Any Final Score bonuses are added, after which the referee announces the final score.

The player with the most points wins!