<transcy>Play your own game during the match!</transcy>

<transcy>Play Football Roulette!</transcy>

<transcy>Excitement and fun guaranteed...</transcy>

Spice up your game!

Game night and a nice evening with football... friends, cheering, some beers, chips and... Footbal Roulette!

The Footbal Roulette board game is the most interactive and exciting football game! Make any match more exciting and fun!

FR is a new board game for soccer lovers. Play it with a maximum of 8 friends, family at home, 'live' during the game.

It is all about 'reading' the game properly. Each player makes predictions before and during the match in 2 or 6 rounds, to win points. Winner is the one scoring the most points!

Football Roulette in short

The game is played with two to a maximum of eight people over two halves or six rounds of fifteen minutes. Predict what is going to happen during the match. If you 'read' the game better, you win. You can also win by spreading your chances.

Your predictions for the whole match:

  • the final score
  • whether the home- or away team wins or whether it will be a draw
  • Per half or round:

  • the minute a goal will be scored
  • the number of goals scored
  • who wins the half or round: home, away or tied
  • score at the end of the half/round
  • whether there are yellow or red cards, a penalty or nothing